What is the DreamSmart Academy?

The DreamSmart Academy, (DSA) is a behavioral science firm passionate about decoding human behavior and optimizing individual, group, team, and organizational performance. We deliver real-time behavioral management solutions through validated behavioral insights to connect, customize and empower people, families, groups, teams, and organizations. 

We believe every person has a unique set of behavioral fingerprints. We refer to one’s fingerprints as Behavioral SuperPowers (Behavioral, Communication, and Financial). Your Behavioral SuperPowers makes you unique, in fact, you are 1 in 4,000,000,000,000. We exist to help our clients Discover, Uncover, and Unleash their Behavioral SuperPowers into their world.

We deploy our proprietary DreamS.M.A.R.T. platform directly inside groups, teams, businesses, organizations, schools, and higher learning institutions,  so they can access scalable and simple behavioral insights to “Discover, Uncover and Unleash” every, student, teacher, administrator, faculty member, employee, coach, trainer, mentor, family member, advisor and client in real-time.

Our Behavioral SuperPower Discovery Process has a profound impact on our client’s lives individually, their families, their workplace, and their community.

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