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Additional Opportunities to Serve in the DreamSmart Academy’s Transformation Catalyst Community:

DreamBig Journey Facilitator: Facilitators are on a journey through the DreamBig Course with their students. As a DreamBig Journey Facilitator, you act as a guide for a group of students. The goal of the facilitator is not to be an expert, but to be a continual source of encouragement, support, and inspiration to the group as they are on their DreamBig Journey. No one is the expert, everyone is on a journey of self-discovery. Facilitators aid students as they learn to problem solve, gain and apply new knowledge, and learn to navigate the obstacles, adversities, and difficulties that present themselves as they journey through the DreamBig Course.

Advisory Board Member: Advisory Board members do have a big time commitment. Our Advisory Board members spend about 2 hours a quarter advising the DreamSmart Team in specific areas of need. We leverage technology for most of our Advisory chats. All our Advisory team members are busy men and women. We do not require you to sit in annual meetings or require you to travel long distances to be on the DreamSmart Academy Advisory Board.

Virtual Mentors: DreamSmart Academy offers 52 weeks of Mentorship to our students. Each Mentor will be assigned a specific topic or subject. Mentors of the week will be required to record a 3-minute video on their topic or subject. Mentors will record their video using our Video Coaching platform Mentor. Through our Mentor Platform, students will be able to give feedback to the Mentor of the week. Mentors must commit 60- minutes a day for 5 days to give positive feedback to students via the Mentor platform.

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