The DreamSmart Academy Vision, Mission, and Purpose inspire individuals and organizations. Affiliates play a big part in the future of The DreamSmart Academy. They can earn a commission by spreading the word about the DSA Movement through their network. Affiliates can use their influence to bring awareness to the DSA Vision, Mission, and Purpose. Awareness broadens the DSA influence and reaches of the DSA message.

The DSA tagline: ThinkBig! DreamBig! BelieveBig! not only applies to our students; it is part of our company culture. The DreamSmart team dreams of creating more than One Million Dreamers from around the world making their dreams and goals a reality. DSA awaits the collective IMPACT of One Million Dreamers; an Army of DreamBuilders unleashed around the world to be thought leaders of changedevelopers of new technologiessolve social illschange economies and make the world a better place for everyone.

We have limited space available in our Affiliate Network.

Acceptance into our network is NOT GUARANTEED.  The DSA Affiliate Liaison will interview to determine if you are a fit for the DSA Affiliate Network. If our message of hope and inspiration MOVES YOU TO ACTION; fill out our contact form. Our Affiliate Liaison will be in contact with you shortly.