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Behavior Matters! Behavior and social-emotional intelligence always drive life, relationships, and financial decisions. After ten years of working with individuals, families, parents, kids, teens, young adults, coaches, mentors, trainers, educators, and business leaders, The DreamSmart Academy™ believes this is a foundational truth for all people, regardless of age, wealth, culture, or position.

Behavioral differences cause more than 87% of business and life performance challenges. Leadership and cultural behavior will be absorbed, mirrored, and reflected by others. Behaviorally smart parents, coaches, trainers, mentors, educators, and leaders know the importance of understanding and owning their behavioral leadership personality, their natural behavioral strengths, and their struggles. 

The willingness of any leader to understand and continually manage this knowledge can shape, innovate, and transform individual lives, families, schools, communities, and businesses of the future. 

DreamSmart Academy™ believes everyone has a unique Behavioral Fingerprint. We refer to one’s fingerprint as their Behavioral SuperPower™. Your SuperPower™ is a natural compilation of life experiences, expectations, education, environments, communication preferences, passions, values, and financial temperament. Equipped with the knowledge of your Behavioral SuperPower™, you can now live a life of more purpose, passion, intention, and authenticity.

The Rise of Behavioral Science

Behavioral psychologists have long understood that people are not entirely rational. Since the 1950’s behavioral scientists have studied human irrationality. Using a mix of psychology, neuroscience, behavioral finance, and economics, scientists have continued to innovate how behavioral science can be integrated into our everyday life. Insights from behavioral science can be applied to just about everything we do as human beings. 

The Problem

Bad behavior, behavioral difference, social-emotional immaturity, poor communications, the lack of empathy, and financial illiteracy have had a profound impact on our society. We feel the impact in the lives of individuals, families, our schools, the workplace, and our communities. 

Behavioral Science in the Home

The success of any family, school, business, community, or social initiative can be tied to the social-emotional maturity and natural behavioral style of the leader or leadership group. Leadership, social-emotional dispositions, communication styles, and behavior will be mirrored by those in your home, those you lead, and those that you influence. Parental leadership, social emotional maturity, and behavior shape the culture and environment of all of our homes. Behavioral insights, specifically insights gleaned from a family member’s Behavioral SuperPower™ profile, when understood and integrated into the family dynamic, can improve communications, and reduce relational friction. DreamSmart Academy’s Behavioral SuperPower™ platform and coaching methodologies provide a framework for family members and work colleagues to be affirmed, feel valued, and understood. 

Behavioral Science in the Classroom

Today’s educator has many responsibilities. One of the most important expectations is to create a safe, challenging, engaging, and impactful learning environment for their students. When students feel safe, a sense of community is developed. This sense of community and acknowledgement leads to students being more empathetic, engaged, inspired, and confident about their future.

Intentional and 21st century education pioneers intentionally plan and integrate behavioral management solutions into their classrooms, schools, and school districts. Integrative classroom management, based on the knowledge of behavioral strengths and struggles, is a game-changer and is the future for creating transformative results in our educational institutions, especially for black, brown, and disenfranchised communities of learners.

Behavioral Science in the Workplace

Behavioral insights can be applied in the workplace. There have been many case studies that have shown how businesses benefit from understanding human behavior. Today, companies are using behavioral insights to increase employee productivity and engagement. Behavioral insights can also be applied to improve customer engagement, product design, and business innovation.

Ineffective managers & poor behavior can cost the economy a staggering $398 Billion a year. One in two people leave organizations, not because of money, but because of poor management and a leader’s poor behavior, costing both the employee and employer, unnecessary hardship.

Making Smart Decisions Can Be Difficult

The DreamSmart Academy™ team, after more than ten years of studying how people and organizations make decisions, recognizes that making smart, relationship, and financial decisions are complicated. Often, the choices we make are influenced by a range of factors. 

Issues that lie beneath the surface of what we see are often running in the background of our mind as we make decisions. The range of factors includes our fears, communication style, natural behaviors, financial temperaments, anxieties, guilt, passions, motivations, expectations, experiences, education, and environment. With these issues running in the background, making sound judgments can be difficult at best. If we are not made aware of how these issues are sabotaging our decision-making processes, the result could derail our best planning efforts.

The Solution 

DreamSmart Academy™ has created a new department to better serve our clients and partners, Our Behavioral Science Division, BSD, will focus on “optimizing product design, delivery, and human performance.” The real-time insights provided by BSD will influence business strategy, decision-making, and service offerings through meaningful insights into human behavior.

BSD will develop products, tools, services, and resources that equip families, K-12 & higher education, community-based organizations, agencies, businesses, and leaders with the ability to: 

• Communicate more effectively

• Reduce friction in relationships

• Operate effectively within one’s behavioral strengths

• Account for challenges-kryptonite and behaviors that may cause struggle

• Make “DreamSmart” life, relationship, and financial decisions

• Optimize organizational excellence 

• Boost operational efficiency

• Mitigate failure 

• Support a positive economic impact

Jeff Morris – President & Chief DreamMaker – DreamSmart Academy, LLC

31517 Six Rivers Court – Temecula, CA  92592

www.DreamSmartAcademy.com     Phone: 760.415.1071     JeffMorris@DreamSmartAcademy.com

DSA is a Federal & State Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise & Minority Business Enterprise

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