Behavioral SuperPowers Discovery

DreamSmart Academy’s Behavioral SuperPowers Discovery Process uses a Force-Choice Question Methodology. This removes situational bias thereby measuring a person’s inherent Behavioral SuperPower, that has been hard-wired genetically from birth and the first 3 years of their life.

Most other “FinTech” Risk Profiles and Likert scoring personality assessments measure situational behaviors and are more likely to allow for self-promotion and a higher chance of faking, which inherently inhibits their shelf life and long-term accuracy (results of typical risk profile had ranging shelf lives of 6 months to 1 year).

  • DreamSmart Academy’s Behavioral SuperPower Discovery Process is comprised of 46 sets of three non-situational words or phrases (a total of 138 rating items) that relate to one of the 8 factors and 24 sub-factors measured using a forced-choice rating (most like, least like) methodology.
  • The result is that the system identifies a total of 64 universally applicable behavioral traits when you review the left and right sides of each factor and sub-factor. The depth and reliability of the trait measurement with the behavioral insights generated from that enable DreamSmart Academy to build a wide range of customized apps covering all known fields of business.
  • The responses to the 46 questions (138 rating items) produce 2,349,060 scoring combinations.
  • The number of unique report T Score combinations is:  3,704,945,600,000,000,512,144,136.

Discovery Your Behavioral SuperPower in 15 Minutes or Less…

Reporting and applications

  • Forced Choice scoring model using 46 triads of single words and phrases (138 rating items)
  • 12 to 15 minutes completion time
  • 64-behavioral factors and traits to measure virtually every motivation and drive of humans including their habits in working, making decisions in all areas of life, and communication.
  • Behavioral SuperPowers Unique Styles: 10-unique styles highlighting instinctive behavioral similarities and differences to other styles more clearly.
  • Hiring Insights: 25 Business DreamSmart Academy Hiring and Career Insights including a participant’s Natural Talents, Natural Desired Roles, Preferred Work Environments, and Work Rewards.
  • Performance Guide: 13 Behavioral Insights (5 strengths, 3 struggles, 5 performance environment keys).
  • Behavioral SuperPowers Insights: 5 behavioral scores that provide a glimpse of a participant’s unique behaviors relating to results and relationships, caring and careful, abstract and concrete, systematic and flexible as well as promoting and influencing.
  • Money SuperPowers Behavior Report: 5 Money SuperPowers describe how you make decisions around money, your communication style, how you react to market events, and what motivates you to achieve your goals. These elements help drive a financial plan that is appropriate and custom for you.
  • PDF Report API: The purpose of this endpoint is to retrieve existing reports from DreamSmart’s platform in PDF format. DreamSmart Academy maintains over 32 differentiated reports in various formats, 11 languages, and intended uses. See the full list of profiles available in addition to the Behavioral SuperPowers Profile. Behavioral SuperPowers Profile Universe and list of reports by language.
  • Importantly, the DreamSmart Money SuperPowers assessment process can profile not just an individual’s behavior but also compare one to another in comparison and team reports.

Click on the image below to get more information about DreamSmart Academy’s Learned Behavior Process. 

Learned Behavior Discovery
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