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I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude for the workshops that Kenyatta facilitated. They were very valuable for me in that they allowed me to learn new skills that I can now practice in my life, with my family, and with coworkers. I also feel that it’s been tremendously impactful for my professional development. I’d especially like to thank Kenyatta. I hope God grants you continuous wisdom to continue to help everyone that takes part in these workshops. I admire your professionalism, attitude, and facilitation of these events. It really makes it impossible to ever get bored, I found them very insightful. Again thank you and God bless.

Deysi Peña

First of all, I want to say you’re awesome! I am very grateful for having the opportunity to take these classes that really help me realize who I am. I know that I have to work very hard to accomplish my dreams and do what want to offer the community.

Elizabeth Miranda

Susan Taffer, Ed.D.

GCU Doctoral Chair, Education & Psychology

Acacia University Doctoral Consultant Senior Faculty & Provost Elect

Founder & CEO World Connections Foundation

The SuperPowers Profile is a dynamic illustration of personal behavior styles that is a window into our individual soul-aligned purpose. It is a sweet microscopic perspective on a woman leader’s macro-presence in her professional and personal role as an integral contributor to local and global issues.

McKenna N. Gilbert

Student, Age 13


I loved doing my  BEHAVIORAL Superpower. It gave me a better understanding of who I am, and taught me more about myself. It taught me that I’m not bossy, but a leader instead. I thought that was a great thing for me to know, at my age. As I received my test answers, and reflected on how it related to me I was blown away by how spot on the test was. I learned a lot about my self, and due to the test I now know where my strengths and weaknesses are. This DNA TEST is amazing and is truly helpful. A great experience. 

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Behavioral Mastermind Series. I’m so glad I did! I love the integration of my Behavioral Superpower and the 12 Week Year System! I am learning to understand my unique behavioral patterns, what that means, that it’s ok to not be good at everything, and how I can incorporate all of that into the 12-week year methodology and maximize my time and my skills. I love having a built-in WAM (weekly accountability session). I feel so much more productive and clear about my vision. Its been a very rewarding process! I highly recommend this to anyone serious about success. 

Daniell Lind

The Behavioral Mastermind is an amazing process. If you are looking to kickstart your path to awesome this is definitely worth participating in. I have done many masterminds, have read numerous books on self and business development, and have hired many business coaches, consultants, and contractors and while some of these resources have been useful, the Behavioral Mastermind creates a more succinct and beneficial approach to becoming more organized and more mindful of your day to day activities. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what phase of business you are in -if you are in the concept phase or a brick and mortar that’s been around for years, there is something to gain from participating in this group with Kenyatta Turner.

Rochelle Poulton

Hello Kenyatta! First of all I wanted to thank you for all the important information and tools you have shared with us these past months. It truly helped me to identify myself with strengths and weakness and to develop a better version of me. I’m inspired to share these experiences with more people.

Alma Cruz

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I’ve read lots of self-help and management books. Why do I need this?

Self-help and management books are great. We read them too. However, most are a one-size-fit-s all approach. You need a one-size-fits-YOU approach based on your natural behavior.

What are Behavioral SuperPowers?

Your SuperPowers are how you naturally think, feel, and act. They are your “default” behaviors. They are a product of your biology, beliefs, and culture. And they are unique to you. 

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