Corporate Sponsorship & Social Good Marketing

Through corporate sponsorship and our cause marketing campaigns goes beyond just talking about making a difference, transforming lives, families, and communities to creating a measurable and sustainable difference in the lives of children, parents, and communities. DreamSmart-Dads® is a growing movement of fathers, mothers, families, community-based organizations, and mission-driven companies that want to create innovative products, tools, resources, and services that help to eradicate the impact of the “father absence.” 

DreamSmart Academy believes to maximize the impact of the DreamSmart Dad’s Movement we must move and operate on multiple fronts simultaneously. DreamSmart Academy’s Behavioral SuperPowers cloud-based technology platform is being integrated into the fabric of every aspect of our society. Individuals, families, K-12, institutions of higher learning, community-based organizations, and businesses must all combat one of society’s most pressing social issues, “the father absence.

The “father factor” is being felt in every community today. One in three children will go to sleep tonight without their father in the home. We believe the DreamSmart-Dad’s Movement to end/minimize the father absence is one of the most socially responsible initiatives a brand, organization, or company can commit their financial support to.  Our team of innovators, pioneers, visionaries, and change agents will continue to develop events, skill-building programs, and products, tools, services, our digital and social media platforms to improve the lives of fathers, families, and communities everywhere. 

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