Transformation Catalyst "Why"

Vice President, Bilingual Early Literacy & Equity Initiatives

As a volunteer Advisory Board Member, I support the DreamSmart Academy’s mission because our team is focused on helping people “own” their destiny, fulfill their life’s purpose, and embrace their personal, family, and business transformation.

We’re creating legacies that help you thrive, irrespective of your personal history, baggage, or family DNA that may have told you that, like me, what you cannot be, what you cannot do, what you dare not dream for your life and those that you love.

We’re blessed to partner with you to help the recipients of our grants, sponsorships, and services to more effectively impact their homes, families, businesses, schools, and cities, while also accomplishing their personal dreams.

The DreamSmart Academy is intentional about supporting children, equipping students, coaching adults, engaging seniors, impacting schools, growing businesses, and elevating communities.

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