DreamSmart Academy Whitepapers

After years of studying human behavior and performance, DreamSmart Academy has come to this universal truth; intensified behaviors caused by unmanaged human differences, money attitudes, pressure, and emotions derail performance. Being in the behavioral discovery business, we must know the competitive marketplace. DreamSmart Academy and our behavioral research partner DNA Behavior International have spent considerable time and resources understanding the discovery systems and profiling platforms in the marketplace.

We have completed a thorough analysis of the most relevant behavioral discovery systems and profiling platforms. The objective to help understand the positioning of each system provider in the marketplace, enabling the decision-making process for the end-user to be more informed and simplified.

The DreamSmart Academy has studied behaviors for more than a decade. We understand “how” and “why” people show up, behaviorally. The DreamSmart Whitepapers are written to share what we have learned along the way. 

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