Pay It Forward

Thank you DreamSmart-Dad and Supporters,

We have been asked by spouses, significant, sisters, and other women if they could “sponsor” or “pay it forward” for the man or men in their life. The answer is ABSOLUTELY….ANY spouse, significant other, mom, sister, or aunt, are all welcomed to empower the man or men in their life. 

DreamSmart Academy believes EVERYONE should know their Behavioral SuperPowers. DreamSmart-Dads are Empowered Fathers In Action! DreamSmart-Dads know how important it is to empower others and understand the power of giving back. As a DreamSmart-Dad you have the unique opportunity to TRANSFORM lives. DreamSmart Academy and our award-winning non-profit is engaged in meaningful work throughout our Behavioral SuperPower Universe. 

Support DreamSmart Academy’s award-winning non-profit in its mission to inspire, educate, and transform lives, families, and communities. “Pay It Forward” is all about taking action to empower someone you have yet to meet, a family, or a community. There are many who need to know the power of their Behavioral SuperPowers. For a limited time, we have a minimum “Pay It Forward” amount of $10.00. Ten dollars covers the administrative cost of our Behavioral SuperPower profile.

Support Our Efforts:

  • Fathers
  • Families
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Impact Illiteracy
  • Improve Equity Access

During checkout please indicate how you would like to be recognized for your gift. 

  • Name of a business
  • In “Memory of” or “in honor of”
  • The X-Family
  • Name of your foundation
  • Provide a name(s) of a person(s) with their contact information

 If no contact information is given, your gift will be placed in our general fund. As we work with families, and community organizations your gift will be used to spark, ignite, and transform lives. 

Pay It Forward

Transform 1 Life
$ 10
One Time Cost
  • Become a DreamSmart-Dad
  • One Life Changed Forever
  • Spark Someone Else Into Action

Pay It Forward

Transform 10 Lives
$ 100
One Time Cost
  • Become a DreamSmart-Dad
  • 10 Lives Changed Forever
  • Sparks Are Becoming Flames

Pay It Forward

Transform 30 Lives
$ 300
One Time Cost
  • Become A DreamSmart-Dad
  • 30 Lives Changed Forever
  • You Are On Fire!

Pay It Forward

Customize Your Gift
$ 00
You Decide Your Impact
  • Become a DreamSmart-Dad
  • Customize Your Gift
  • You Are Outta This World!
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