DSA Facilitator Training

We are excited to announce we will be conducting our Inaugural DreamSmart Facilitator training in the first quarter of 2017. Our initial Certification Event will take place in our backyard, here in San Diego. The DSA certification event takes place over 2 days. During the training, facilitators get a deeper look into the twelve modules, 7 core concepts, methodologies, and processes students will be introduced to at the Academy.

The DreamSmart Academy curriculum is designed so the facilitators can easily teach the DSA 7 core concepts.  The DSA curriculum is designed for the broad application. No expertise is needed. The facilitator leads students into their very own aha-moments, insights, and personal transformation. During this time, the facilitator is also being transformed as they take their journey through the course.

Certified facilitators will be qualified to lead the organizational Kick-Off Event, The DreamSmart Experience, a daylong event that is full of excitement, self-discovery, and transformation for all who participate.

The cities of Atlanta, San Francisco, and the District of Columbia will be hosting our training in 2017. Stay tuned as we confirm the dates and get the word out to you.