Behavioral SuperPowers Impact Training for Families

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Empowered Fathers in Action and DreamSmart Academy have united to empower fathers and families. Our team of content developers has worked together to bring fathers and families a unique, scientifically researched, and evidenced-based program to equip fathers with the tools they need to inspire and engaged their family units. We call our program Behavioral SuperPowers Impact Training for Families.  

Behavioral SuperPowers Training is not just for fathers, what we have developed is good for all families. Mothers, fathers, and caregivers; anyone who wants to reduce friction in the home, inspire, power production, and growth in their family unit will benefit from our program. 

Our solution focuses on:

  • Strengthening the family unit from the inside/out
  • Developing behavioral self-management skills and social-emotional wellness, competency, and maturity
  • Decoding difficult to understand family dynamics and optimizes family performance using validated behavioral insights

DreamSmart Academy believes fathers play a pivotal role in our society. We believe it is critical fathers own their behavior while creating an environment that fosters self-awareness and growth to enrich family dynamics. 

We are excited to equip fathers and families with the tools and resources needed to shift from co-dependence to interdependence. When one family shifts to interdependence, the community in which they live will be impacted. This shift will foster more interdependent businesses, schools, and organizations while enriching the economy.

DreamSmart Academy’s Behavioral SuperPower Impact Training: 

DreamSmart Academy believes everyone has a unique set of Behavioral Fingerprints! We refer to these fingerprints as Behavioral SuperPowers, which are a natural compilation of life experiences, expectations, education, environments, communication preferences, passions, values, and financial temperament.

Families also have Behavioral Fingerprints. Each family member has strengths, struggles, and preferences. Discovering, Uncovering, and Unleashing each family member’s Behavioral SuperPowers is the key to fathers and their families thriving.

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Equipped with the knowledge of each family member’s Behavioral SuperPowers™, fathers and and families can live a life of purpose, passion, intention, and authenticity. Family members will develop a framework for understanding “why” each person behaves or communicates a certain way. This new framework can help everyone feel more valued, confident, and willing to contribute to the family ecosystem because their differences are not issues or kryptonite.  The differences are their unique Behavioral SuperPowers. #BehaviorMatters

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