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Level One DreamBuilder $1,000
Impact and inspire 10 students as they take their transformational journey through the DreamSmart Academy.
While at the Academy DSA students will be equipped with the 7 Keys to Peak Performance. The 7 Keys training will prepare students for “life in the real world”, while developing the skill sets to live a productive and successful life.
Level Three DreamBuilder $5,000
Impact and inspire up to 50 students. Level Three DreamBuilders will not just change a few lives, they help to sky rocket the momentum of the One Million Dreamer Movement. Individuals, families, communities and even future generations will benefit from the inspiration, training, and education they will receive from being part of the DreamSmart Academy.
Level Two DreamBuilder $2,500
Impact and inspire up to 25 students. Watch as these students who have been inspired, equipped, and now mobilized start a positive ripple that becomes a wave with the power to affect their community.

Level 1​

Transform A Life

$ 1,000
  • Transform 10 Lives
ThinkBig...DreamBig...BelieveBig... ​

Level 2

Transform A Life

$ 2,500
  • Transform 25 Lives
ThinkBig...DreamBig...BelieveBig... ​

Level 3

Transform A Life

$ 5,000
  • Transform 50 Lives
ThinkBig...DreamBig...BelieveBig... ​

Create your own​


  • Transform Lives
ThinkBig...DreamBig...BelieveBig... ​