one billion dreamers


Discover… Uncover… Unleash…Your Behavioral SuperPowers!


  • Prepare individuals, families, teams, and organizations to walk in their greatness by Discovering, Uncovering, and Unleashing their Behavioral SuperPowers™ into their world.
  • Develop products, tools, services, and resources that equip individuals, families, K-12 & higher education, community-based organizations, businesses, and leaders with measurable and sustainable outcomes.  

Mission-Based Outcomes

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Reduce friction in relationships
  • Operate within one’s behavioral strengths
  • Account for challenges-kryptonite and behaviors that may cause struggle
  • Make “DreamSmart” life, relationship, and financial decisions
  • Optimize organizational excellence 
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Mitigate failure 
  • Support a positive economic impact


• DreamSmart Academy envisions a world where people “know who they are” and “do what they are,” based on the knowledge of their Behavioral SuperPowers™.
• Inspired by their dreams, goals, and aspirations, they live a life of purpose, passion, intention, and


Guide people to achieve greater self-empowerment so they make DreamSmart life, relationship, and financial decisions. 

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