Family Behavioral SuperPowers Profile

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Family Behavioral SuperPowers Profile

The Family SuperPowers Profile gives key insights into the behavioral differences that exist in all families. Equipped with the knowledge of each family member’s Behavioral SuperPowers™, fathers and their families can live a life of purpose, passion, intention, and authenticity.

Family members will develop a framework for understanding “why” each person behaves or communicates a certain way. This new framework can help everyone feel more valued, confident, and willing to contribute to the family ecosystem because their differences are not issues or kryptonite.  The differences are their unique Behavioral SuperPowers.

The Discovery…SuperPower Me!

The Behavioral SuperPowers Profile retails for $300. Our mission at DreamSmart Academy is to equip individuals, families, groups, teams, community-based organizations, and businesses with the education, tools, and resources they need to live life optimized! We want all those we can influence to live a life of inspiration, significance, and impact.

For a limited time, we are offering our Behavioral SuperPowers Profile for just $10.00.

The development of your Behavioral SuperPower will have a profound impact on your life. In just 15 minutes, your life will be changed forever15 minutes of your time could deliver a lifetime of impactful and transformational results. 

Your Behavioral Profile Includes:

  • The identification of your unique Behavioral SuperPowers
  • Your top two Behavioral SuperPowers Strengths
  • Your Performance Environment Keys
  • Keys to understanding how others best connect with you

Benefits of Discovering Your Behavioral SuperPowers:

  • Identify one of ten unique Behavioral SuperPowers® including their Work Talent Report
  • Reduce relational friction caused by behavioral differences with family members, friends, mentors, coaches, educators, and colleagues
  • Identify their your very own and unique Behavioral SuperPower® that will equip them to have more confidence, increased self-esteem, and an understanding of their intrinsic self-worth
  • Manage and sustain healthy mindsets and create productive daily habits that lead to living a life of productivity, impact, significance, and transformation

What You Get:

  • Lifetime access to your Behavioral SuperPowers Profile, via our cloud-based platform

The completion of your exercise is just the beginning of a new journey for you. Keep reading to find out what you need to do next to maximize your newly discovered Behavioral SuperPowers!

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