Transformation Catalyst Ignite A Spark That Lights Up a Dream

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 The DreamSmart Nation is abuzz with excitement whenever we receive a commitment of time, talent, or treasure. Your commitment to give of your time, talent, or treasure moves DreamSmart Academy closer to our vision to inspire, educate, coach, and mentor One Million students in the next five years. We call men and women like you, TRANSFORMATION CATALYST! Transformation Catalyst ignite a spark that lights up a dream in the life of one of our students. Students can DREAM BIG DREAMS and ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS through our community of Transformation Catalyst. To your generosity DreamSmart Academy says, “Woohoo and thank you!”

Sponsors your financial commitment has a factor of 10. The DreamSmart Academy understands for every student whose life is transformed another nine lives are also impacted. The impacted lives include immediate family members, parents, caregivers, extended family, friends, and their social networks. Your financial support assist DSA in continuing to provide the latest scientific research, develop our content for the most recent technologies, provide more services and enhance our product portfolio. 

Our mission of reaching One Million Dreamers is no small task; we need men and women from different industries, generations, cultural backgrounds, socio-economic means and skill sets to join our Movement if we are to make the dream of equipping, inspiring, and mentoring One Million Dreamers a reality.  Please share your story of “why” you support DreamSmart Academy. We have also made it possible for you to share you “Why” Story with your social network. Click on the flame icon below to submit your “Why” story. 

Click on the blue link below to see other opportunities to serve our students at the DreamSmart Academy.  

Additional Opportunities to Serve in the DreamSmart Academy’s Transformation Catalyst Community

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After we approve your video, we will email you a link to your published “Transformation Catalyst “Why” Story.”

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