Discover Your Behavioral  SuperPowers In 15 Minutes or Less!

Your Behavioral SuperPowers  Are What Make You Special. They Are Your  Behavioral Fingerprint. Knowing  and Managing Them Are the Key to Your Success.

What in the world is a Behavioral SuperPowers?

Your Behavioral SuperPowers is what makes you unique. DreamSmart Academy (DSA) believes everyone has a unique set of Behavioral Fingerprints. DSA refers to your unique fingerprints as your Behavioral SuperPowers.

Your Behavioral SuperPowers consist of a series of discovery exercises that consider one's living environments, expectations (good or bad), life experiences, education, passions, values, behavioral talents and communication preferences, and financial temperament.

Who should discover their Behavioral SuperPower

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • teams
  • Organizations
  • and more

Reduce relational friction

Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

Create productive daily mindsets and habits

The Behavioral SuperPower Report is for anyone who wants to take their life to the next level in the areas of relationships, self-discipline, communications, academics, family, and business success.

High Achievers Know Their Unique 
Behavioral SuperPowers  

There are thousands of behavioral assessment tools, what makes this one different? 

Our SuperPowers Behavioral Profiles are backed by science - not opinion or "pop psychology." Our profiles are validated by more than 30 years of behavioral research and are used in 125 countries.

We are honored to partner with behavioral research and human performance international thought leader, DNA Behavior.  

DreamSmart Academy believes there are great assessments available in the marketplace. The Behavioral SuperPowers Profile is different. The SuperPowers Profile measures normal “hard-wired” behavioral traits. Your “hard-wired” behavioral traits remain stable over time. Embedded in your Behavioral SuperPowers Profile is the measurement of 200 behaviors.

Your Behavioral SuperPowers Profiles measures ingrained behaviors. Behaviors ingrained from your early childhood, between 3 -5 years of age. Ingrained behaviors change very little over time. The focus on “hard-wired” behaviors, not just strengths, leads to highly accurate, deep and reliable results that remain consistent for the long-term. The profile does not measure baggage or mental health.

You are unique. And we can prove it!

Your Behavioral SuperPowers profile makes you the most unique person on this planet. In fact, you are 1 in 4,000,000,000. WE CAN PROVE IT! Through our globally normed and highly validated multidimensional discovery process, we will show you just how UNIQUE you are. No one else in this world has your gifts, talents, and abilities. 

"Know Who You Are. Be Who You Are. Do What You Are."  - DreamSmart Academy

Discover your Behavioral SuperPowers

And do great things

Your Personal SuperPowers Report

Key Benefits

Your unique SuperPowers style in relation to the 10 Natural Behavior SuperPowers.

Your top 2 SuperPowers plus your strengths, struggles, and environment keys.

Your 5 key work performance styles to help you connect better with others. 

Learn how you're naturally wired

  • Quick and easy to complete. 100% secure. It will only take you 15 to 20 minutes to discover your SuperPowers.  ​​ 
  • Invaluable insights about your natural work style. Use science to discover what makes you "tick."
  • This is your "Road Map" to high achievement and success. Knowing your natural Behavioral SuperPowers is the secret sauce to achieving your dreams.  

Discover Your Unique Superpowers!

15 minutes of your time could deliver a lifetime of impactful and transformative results!

Your Journey to Achieve Peak Performance Begins by Discovering Your NATURAL BEHAVIORAL SUPERPOWERS.

Consider this...

You have a critical project to complete. Your professional reputation and a great deal of money are on the line. Nail it, and your future is secure.

Because you completed your SuperPowers profile, you have a critical advantage. You know your strengths, the areas you may struggle, and your ideal work environment.

Your new SuperPowers knowledge primes you for success. You transformed yourself. You are now more confident, empowered, and positioned to thrive.

We've  built   THREE INCREDIBLE PACKAGES to give you the options  you need to ACHIEVE PEAK PERFORMANCE and THRIVE.

We've taken great care to craft each package to give you the options you need to customize your

  1. The Discovery ... Superpower Me!​​ 
  2. The Uncovering ... The SuperPowers That Lie Within.
  3. The Behavioral SuperPowers Pack ... Unleashing Your SuperPowers.

Susan Taffer, Ed.D.

GCU Doctoral Chair, Education & Psychology

Acacia University Doctoral Consultant Senior Faculty & Provost Elect

Founder & CEO World Connections Foundation

The SuperPowers Profile is a dynamic illustration of personal behavior styles that is a window into our individual soul-aligned purpose. It is a sweet microscopic perspective on a woman leader’s macro-presence in her professional and personal role as an integral contributor to local and global issues.

McKenna N. Gilbert

Student, Age 13


I loved doing my DNA BEHAVIORAL Superpower. It gave me a better understanding of who I am, and taught me more about myself. It taught me that Im not bossy, but a leader instead. I thought that was a great thing for me to know, at my age. As I received my test answers, and reflected on how it related to me I was blown away by how spot on the test was. I learned a lot about my self, and due to the test I now know where my strengths and weaknesses are. This DNA TEST is amazing and is truly helpful. A great experience. 

Act NOW. Prices increase in:


Package #1

The Discovery ... Superpower Me!

Behavioral SuperPower Work Talent Report


For a Limited Time Only


  • Behavioral SuperPowers Work Talent Report
  • Top two Behavioral SuperPowers Strengths
  • Behaviorial strengths and struggles
  • Performance Environment Keys
  • Keys to better connect with others
  • Behavioral SuperPowers Explainer video

Package #3

The Behavioral SuperPowers Pack ... Unleashing Your SuperPowers

Comprehensive behavioral profile 


For a Limited Time Only 


  • Package #2 plus ...
  • Financial SuperPower Profile
  • Quality of Life Discovery Profile
  • Communication SuperPowers Profile
  • Financial SuperPowers Explainer video
  • And more ...

What People Are Saying

I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude for the workshops that Kenyatta facilitated. They were very valuable for me in that they allowed me to learn new skills that I can now practice in my life, with my family, and with coworkers. I also feel that it's been tremendously impactful for my professional development. I'd especially like to thank Kenyatta. I hope God grants you continuous wisdom to continue to help everyone that takes part in these workshops. I admire your professionalism, attitude, and facilitation of these events. It really makes it impossible to ever get bored, I found them very insightful. Again thank you and God bless.

Deysi Peña

First of all, I want to say you’re awesome! I am very grateful for having the opportunity to take these classes that really help me realize who I am. I know that I have to work very hard to accomplish my dreams and do what want to offer the community.

Elizabeth Miranda

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Behavioral Mastermind Series. I'm so glad I did! I love the integration of my Behavioral Superpower and the 12 Week Year System! I am learning to understand my unique behavioral patterns, what that means, that it's ok to not be good at everything, and how I can incorporate all of that into the 12-week year methodology and maximize my time and my skills. I love having a built-in WAM (weekly accountability session). I feel so much more productive and clear about my vision. Its been a very rewarding process! I highly recommend this to anyone serious about success. 

Daniell Lind

The Behavioral Mastermind is an amazing process. If you are looking to kickstart your path to awesome this is definitely worth participating in. I have done many masterminds, have read numerous books on self and business development, and have hired many business coaches, consultants, and contractors and while some of these resources have been useful, the Behavioral Mastermind creates a more succinct and beneficial approach to becoming more organized and more mindful of your day to day activities. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what phase of business you are in -if you are in the concept phase or a brick and mortar that’s been around for years, there is something to gain from participating in this group with Kenyatta Turner.

Rochelle Poulton

Hello Kenyatta! First of all I wanted to thank you for all the important information and tools you have shared with us these past months. It truly helped me to identify myself with strengths and weakness and to develop a better version of me. I'm inspired to share these experiences with more people.

Alma Cruz

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We Make Superheroes

We are human performance and workplace training specialists. Our team has years of experience, impacting individual and organizational behavior. 

We draw from a diverse team of thought-leaders, researchers, authors, speakers, coaches, and trainers. 

Our experience with individuals and private and public organizations at all levels is vast and deep.​ 

We want you to succeed and thrive!

Why you need to discover your behavioral superPowers

The Pros List

  • Discover your "default" behavior.
  • Easy discovery process.
  • Three cost effective packages. Plus custom options for groups.
  • Cloud based - immediate results. 
  • Give yourself a competitive edge
  • Become more effective and efficient.
  • You will thrive on your terms.

The Cons List

  • You must invest in yourself.
  • You must spend a little money.
  • You may not be comfortable with the "truth."
  • You will continue to follow a "one-size-fits-all" strategy.
  • You will squander time and money by not knowing your SuperPowers. 
  •   You may never thrive.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you do not feel you have benefited, contact us within 14 days of date of purchase and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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