The goal of The DreamSmart Academy is to produce students that Master the 7 Keys of PEAK PERFORMANCE

The goal of The DreamSmart Academy, (DSA) is to produce students that Master the 7 Keys to Peak Performance. When this occurs, you will experience sustainable improvement and achievements in areas of your life that will impact your relationships, educational and self-improvement endeavors, business, financial fitness, health, family, community, and your legacy.

The 7 Keys of Peak Performance helps to develop your mindset, attitude, habits, emotional stability, and actionable strategies necessary to MAKE ANY DREAM or GOAL a REALITY. The 7 Keys training offered through the DreamBig Course provides students a holistic, inside/out, and 21st Century approach to developing 7 critical life skills. Mastering these 7 life skills equips you to lead and be highly productive in any environment.

The latest in brain-based research, training, neuroscience, human performance coaching, and leadership development support The 7 Keys of Peak Performance. The 7 keys training also features DSA’s unique neuro-behavioral financial literacy and wellness training. The 7 Keys principles are timeless, universal, and can be applied regardless of one’s’ culture, ethnicity, upbringing, age, gender, life experiences, educational level, or environment. The DSA training and coaching model is a “no excuses and no barriers” approach. Once mastered and consistently used, the 7 Keys can be applied throughout one’s life to achieve success in any endeavor.

When you master the 7 Keys,  you will be highly engaged in whatever task or challenge you are given or are asked to complete. Students that master the 7 Keys will set themselves apart as PEAK PERFORMERS. Reaching your PEAK and consistently PERFORMING at your PEAK will allow any dream or goal you set out to achieve to become a reality in your life.

The Seven Keys:

• Mindset Development and Maintenance

• Emotional Mastery

• Time Management Principles

• Building Strategic and Sustainable Relationships

• Character Development, Education, and Evaluation

• Values-based Living

• Neuro-behavioral Financial Literacy and Wellness

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