The DreamSmart Difference

The differentiated premise behind the DreamSmart Academy’s Behavioral SuperPower Discovery Process is that intensified behaviors caused by unmanaged human differences, money attitudes, pressure, and emotions derail performance. Being able to reveal these behaviors on a universally applicable basis (across different cultures, races, ages, sexes, education levels, and socio-economic levels) at a deeper and more reliable level goes to the core of what we have developed.

DreamSmart Academy’s work includes integrations into individual lives, families, classrooms, schools, school districts, higher education institutions, as well as groups, teams, and organizations. DreamSmart Academy is uniquely applying behavioral insights into the verticals mentioned above, so behavioral insights can be leveraged and used on a real-time basis in ordinary life and business settings by non-psychologists.

Based on this expanded platform, DreamSmart Academy has differentiated its positioning in the marketplace specifically in the following areas:

  1. Revealing universally applicable insights free from situational bias regardless of gender, race, culture, age, wealth, education, or life preferences.
  2. Comprehensive human capital management based on revealing talents, strengths and struggles, differences, and also the relationship (communication) keys. A key differentiator in the philosophy of our system is that while capitalizing on strengths is important, strengths overplayed become performance de-railers and therefore must be addressed. Further, we believe that to enhance performance leaders must be able to manage each person’s differences uniquely.
  3. Leader business decision-making utilizing financial behavior insights.
  4. Investor decision-making utilizing financial behavior insights including spending habits, goal motivation, and risk behavior.
  5. Marketing segmentation based on personality insights to influence buying decisions rather than solely relying on persona’s based on changing demographic information.
  6. Relationship management based on identifying communication and talent differences.
  7. Data utilization by adding personality insights and providing the right foundation for machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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