Transforming Crisis and Uncertainty to Opportunity and Legacy

You don’t need to be an organizational psychologist to know the impact of behavioral differences. Nor must you be a researcher to understand why these differences cause most business and life performance challenges. 

Transformational leaders understand behavior matters, and behavioral leaders know the importance of understanding their leadership style. They know the value of using their natural behavioral strengths and leveraging their struggles. Their leadership is impacted by how they most naturally communicate.

“Everything rises and falls on the behavioral leadership and the social-emotional maturity of the leader,” says Jeff Morris, President, DreamSmart Academy. “Behavioral leadership and cultural behavior will always be mirrored. By family members, those we lead, and those who are watching from a distance. There are leaders, good leaders, and the Behaviorally SuperPowered Leader.”

What does a Behaviorally SuperPowered Leader look like?

Behaviorally SuperPowered Leaders thrive in times of crisis, uncertainty, the impossible, and the improbable. They demonstrate holistic leadership through an understanding of their unique behavioral talents. They effectively communicate and manage behavioral differences. They focus on the crisis at hand. All while steering a family, team, or organization toward their “imagined” future.

The one constant about the workplace: it’s always changing. Behaviorally SuperPowered Leaders will understand how to best position themselves and those they lead during those changes. They can pivot and adapt their style and talents to thrive in all environments.

DreamSmart Academy believes everyone has a unique set of Behavioral Fingerprints. We refer to those as Behavioral SuperPowers (Behavioral, Communication, Financial, and Quality of Life). To lead effectively  — through good times, crisis, change, and uncertainty — leaders must identify and develop their own Behavioral SuperPowers.

The willingness of a leader to understand and continually manage this knowledge is essential. It can shape, innovate, and transform individual lives, families, teams, and organizations. DreamSmart Academy has for more than a decade studied how individuals, families, and organizations behave. Whether under stress or during times of crisis and uncertainty, we understand behavior matters — everywhere and always.

Empowered Fathers in Action and DreamSmart Academy Unite

Empowered Fathers in Action and DreamSmart Academy have partnered to empower fathers and families. Our focus is to address the consequences of inadequate father-son relationships and provide stable sustainable solutions for families. We offer fathers and families a unique, scientifically researched, and evidence-based program. Our program equips fathers  with the tools they need to strengthen their family units. We call our program Behavioral  SuperPowers Impact Training.

Our solution focuses on fathers being behaviorally intelligent and emotionally smart. This approach decodes difficult to understand family dynamics and optimizes family performance using validated behavioral insights. The emphasis is on the father playing a pivotal role. By owning his behavior, he is co-creating an environment that fosters self-awareness and growth to enrich family dynamics.

“We must get to the root cause of the problem,” says Christopher Salem, CEO and co-founder of  Empowered Fathers in Action. “There is no better time than the present to operate from within the solution rather than just manage the problem. We equip families with the tools and resources needed to shift from codependence to Interdependence. When one family shifts to Interdependence, the community in which they live will be impacted. This shift will foster more interdependent businesses, schools, and organizations while enriching the economy. 

Leading in Crisis and Change Virtual Summit

Anisa Aven, President and founder of TurnKey Coaching, rallied her team of experts and invited Mr. Morris to participate in the Leading in Crisis and Change Virtual Summit. It was designed to provide solutions for those they lead during the Covid-19 crisis, and beyond. This forum — for business professionals and owners, HR Leaders, coaches, and trainers — addressed these novel employee and business change challenges with the tools needed to overcome them.

“Knowing that we may help businesses and individuals manage the chaos and anxiety of this adversity is helping me sleep a little better,” said Ms. Aven. “It’s certainly helping me to stay focused on what I CAN control and to remember what really matters. This is a time of refocusing, structure, and clarity of purpose.”

The resources, experts, and thought leaders provided proven, actionable strategies in five key areas: Managing a remote workforce with engagement and accountability. Quickly implementing remote team technology solutions. Situational leadership for remote teams. Managing the chaos of instant change. Resilience and patience as employees mitigate the challenges of home distractions.

Mr. Morris discussed the role behavior plays when leading others through crisis and uncertainty. He explained how to reduce rational friction and uncertainty to improve individual, family, and team performance. The three A’s of Navigating Crisis and Uncertainty were addressed. He also focused on the Seven C’s of the Behaviorally SuperPowered Leader.

Additionally, he addressed two key questions: What’s the difference between natural and learned behavior? Why does natural behavior matter at home and in the workplace?

Mr. Morris also discussed three essential outcomes:

  • Discovering the Behavioral SuperPowers of your family members to reduce relational friction at home to create a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Improving communication to reduce friction at home, in personal relationships, and at work.
  • Revealing the Behavioral SuperPowers of your team members to optimize individual, group, and organizational performance. 

Take Action to Create Your Legacy

Watch the replay of the The Behaviorally SuperPowered Leader and you’ll learn about leveraging behavioral insights to improve family dynamics, client service, and increase bottom line productivity. Afterwards, you can take advantage of the Behavioral SuperPower Optimization Process: Discover, Uncover, and Unleash to improve all of your personal and professional relationships. 

This self-discovery tool is a result of more than thirty years of research and is globally normed and validated in over one hundred twenty-five countries and eleven languages. In only fifteen minutes, you can discover your Behavioral SuperPowers® (strengths and struggles). Seize the opportunity. 

Joseph Cohen is the Director of Communications, DreamSmart Academy, and co-author of Write Father, Write Son: A Bond-Building Journey.