The DreamBig Course is valued at $1,200.00. For a limited time, students who are sponsored will be given access to the DreamBig Course for just $99.00. 
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Featured Of The Week

Gil Merrick

When Jeff Morris – DreamSmart Academy’s CEO and Chief DreamMaker – first shared with me the mission, vision and purpose that drive all of the DSA’s activities, I knew I wanted to join their team. I have been privileged to meet with many of DSA’s Transformation Catalysts and team members and have been inspired to

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Dr. Gregory A. Spencer

As a volunteer Advisory Board Member, I support the DreamSmart Academy’s mission because our team is focused on helping people “own” their destiny, fulfill their life’s purpose, and embrace their personal, family, and business transformation. We’re creating legacies that help you thrive, irrespective of your personal history, baggage, or family DNA that may have told

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Gregory Adkins

I’ve been working in the financial services industry, in various capacities helping individuals manage their finances and I know that what the DreamSmart Academy is doing will have a tremendous impact. Everything from teaching kids, teens and adults how to dream to learning the emotional relationship we have with money will change our world for

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