Follow the steps to submit your "Why" Story

Submitting your story is only a two step process. 

  1. When you submit your “Why” Story you will be placed in line for sponsorship. 
  2. Once in line for sponsorship, you may be directly sponsored by a supporter in the DreamSmart community.
  3. Your story will also be placed in our “Why” cue. Those in our “Why” cue are sponsored as their “Why” Stories are submitted, approved and DreamSmart Academy has funds in its general sponsorship fund. 
  4. We have also made it possible for you to share you “Why” Story with your social network. Those who love and support you may also partner with you as you take your journey through the DreamBig Course. 
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After we approve your video, we will email you a link to your published “Why” Story.

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